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Eliza Jones grew up in Gambia and she loved the fresh food and drink her aunt would make her using a variety of local fruits. This inspired her to share this experience with others and she has created a range of organic products using the same simple methods her aunt used.  'Chosan' is a word that means 'cultural heritage' in Wolof, one of the languages spoken in Gambia. 

Chosan is committed to supporting African food producers and she is driven by her mission to enable these food producers to turn their produce into food and drink with a longer shelf life. Every sale from the Chosan range adds to the donation they make to food producers in Africa.

Chosan, Rich Baobab Chocolate Spread


Chosan, Baobab Jams (pack of four)


Chosan, Orange and Baobab Jam


Chosan, Baobab Jam with Ginger


Chosan, Banana and Baobab Jam