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Sofia Latif

Sofia Latif

Sofia Latif is the eponymous founder of her vegan clean skincare line. 

Sofia spent 15 years meticulously researching and testing blends on her own skin, and two years ago she founded Sofia Latif, with the ambition of helping women whose skin has changed with age to feel confident and comfortable in their skin, so much so that they are happy to go barefaced.

She says "I started using oils when I suffered from stress eczema in my late 20s, when my father was terminally ill. It was horrible, I didn't want to leave the house, there was no way of covering it up, and I just had to get on with things. I realised that my sensitive skin had become weakened over time, and that I needed to get back to basics to build up its strength again. As children we had used sweet almond oil and various other oils on skin, on scalp, and in hair, so it came naturally to me to look to plant oils to help strengthen my skin barrier again."

 Sofia Latif also has a social purpose, to donate 4% of each sale to Lendwithcare through whom we provide microloans to women small business owners in low-income countries so that they may grow their business and support themselves and their communities with dignity.

Sofia is careful not to talk about anti-ageing, and she refuses to use people's fears to market her products. She adds "I am in my mid-40s and as a South Asian woman I have always felt under-represented in every aspect of life - role models in business, cosmetics and skincare specifically catering for me and my skin etc. I want to be that role model to young Asian girls and women, and show that you can be in your 40s and can set up and run a successful beauty business as a woman of colour, and that it can be done with integrity and purpose."

Sofia Latif, Under-Eye Oil


Sofia Latif, The Mini Edit


Sofia Latif, Face Oil (small)


Sofia Latif, Scalp Oil


Sofia Latif, Body Oil


Sofia Latif, Face Oil (large)