Do you sell stuff that works and is beautiful? Are you a fantastic service-based business, freelancer or consultant?

Do you have great energy, excellent ideas and offer superb customer service? If this sounds like you, and if you are a woman of colour in business, we would love to have you on our List.

We know you value being connected to experts who can help you solve business problems. We will also draw from our community of friends and experts to help you and your business grow and scale up. We understand how crucial brand and business partnerships are for your businesses and we will work to develop and harness these relationships for those on our list. We know you value access and exposure to shared audiences.

Together, we can leverage our audiences, achieve more visibility and ultimately ourselves more money.We know how lonely and isolating being an entrepreneur and we are building a fantastic community of women of colour in business.

We are running a survey to get a better understanding of the landscape of business + WoC from an individual perspective. If you are a WoC business owner, we would be so grateful if you would take 5 minutes to complete our survey here.