Adonica Simmons, Personal Styling - Colour Analysis

Adonica Simmons

Adonica Simmons, Personal Styling - Colour Analysis



The colour analysis is fashion's best kept secret. Adonica will work with you to help you reveal which shades of colour best suit you.

In this 90 minute session, Adonica will work with you to identify shades that work and ones that do not and she will create a series of styles that are authentic to you and your budget. Adonica will work with you at your home.

How it works

After you have paid for your Colour Analysis session, we will notify Adonica of your booking and she will get in touch with you directly with suggested dates and times for your session.  We recommend completing your session within one calendar month of the booking. 

Founder's story

After 15 years in IT account Management, and after 7 years of feeding her passion for personal styling in her spare time, Adonica set up Global Style Services and has now made personal styling her primary profession. She says: "Clothes are tools to help us emphasise who we are and what we are doing. GSS helps style hungry, time pressed people do just that". At Janet's List, we have experienced first hand her incredible ability to harness the transformative power of styling and we wholeheartedly recommend her.