Tokunbo's Kitchen, West African Feasts - 26th May 2018
Tokunbo's Kitchen, West African Feasts - 26th May 2018
Tokunbo's Kitchen, West African Feasts - 26th May 2018

Tokunbo's Kitchen

Tokunbo's Kitchen, West African Feasts - 26th May 2018



Chef Tokunbo uses fantastically fresh ingredients and West African spices to recreate Nigerian dishes with a modern twist. Her food tastes like your favourite auntie made you something delicious to eat. Tokunbo's supper clubs are a unique experience which will enable you to experience a cultural immersion which celebrates the vibrancy and traditions of Nigerian food and culture.   

Since April 2017, Tokunbo's Kitchen has fed over 5,000 people, hosted 9 pop up events (and counting), successfully operated at 6 street food festivals and has completed 3 in-house chief residencies.  

A series of three supper clubs is being held in May 2018 in London, on 12th, 19th and 26th May. Please check the date in the product listing title before you buy your ticket to make sure you're buying the right date.

Check out the delicious menu for the feast here.

The supper club is an empowerment session for women entrepreneurs and those thinking of starting their own business. The venue is Green Rooms Hotel, 13-27 Station Road, London, N22 6UW. Further details will be sent to ticket holders. 

Price: £38.50 per person 

How it works

After you have paid for your spot at the listed supper club event, you will receive a notification from Janet's List that the transaction has gone through. This will be followed by a notification from Tokunbo's Kitchen with confirmation of your spot at the listed supper club event.  

Founder's story

Tokunbo's mission is to promote African food in the global foodie scene. Whilst she was in Washington DC for a leadership programme, Tokunbo grew frustrated with the fact that there were dozens of food trucks yet none of them served African food. In London, she once waited two hours for jerk chicken, (which was the final straw) and set up Tokunbo's Kitchen.  She says: "In Nigeria we say 'Oya come chop' when its time to eat. I want everyone to have the chance to chop and enjoy mouthwatering Nigerian food". 

At Janet's List, we have eaten her delicious food at Africa Utopia and Brick Lane; we can vouch for how healthy, hearty and tasty it is.