Eat Love Move, Personalised Health Programme

Eat Love Move

Eat Love Move, Personalised Health Programme



Le'Nise Brothers is a registered nutritional therapist. She is also a women's health and hormones specialist. She offers personalised health programmes as well hormone health programmes.

Her personalised health programmes help women understand their current health issues and improve their health concerns. She specialises in working with women who want to boost their energy and get their mojo back. 

This service is also available online via Skype or Facetime 


A personalised health programme will typically involve:
- Initial personal consultation including an in-depth health and lifestyle assessment
- Personalised nutrition advice and supplement plan
- Current medication and nutrient interaction evaluation, if applicable
- Recommendations of clinical tests and interpretation, if applicable
- Follow up consultations via face to face, skype, telephone
- Mini progress review calls
- Email support
- Personalised menu planning and recipes

How it works

After you have paid for your personalised health programme, you will receive a notification from Janet's List that the transaction has gone through.

We will notify Eat Love Move of your booking and they will get in touch with you directly with suggested dates and times for your programme. We recommend completing your session within one calendar month of the booking. 

Founder's story

Le'Nise Brothers is a registered nutritional therapist and health coach.  She helps women stay accountable and achieve their health goals. She says: "I spent many years working in advertising before retraining in nutrition to fulfil my dream of being able to help women improve their health, understand their hormones and feel better everyday. I love seeing my clients make active steps to change their health, increase their energy and live free from pain."