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Blooming Founders, Unit C

81 Curtain Road 



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Ange B Designs

Ange B Designs

Angela Benjamin designs modern, architectural jewellery.  She loves photography and travel and her designs are inspired by the things she likes to snap: nature, architecture and discarded 'stuff'.  She reinvents old or scrap sterling silver pieces to create new work. 

She says: "After completing a foundation diploma in Art & Design eight years ago, and doing a few adult education classes, my love of jewellery making was sparked. I began by making pieces for myself and quickly realised that I couldn't wear everything I was making, so I started selling at local craft markets.

Ange B Designs, Architectural Origami Stud Earrings


Ange B Designs, Contemporary 'Minimal Drama' Earrings


Ange B Designs, Floating Hoop Earrings


Ange B Designs, Mismatched Earrings


Ange B Designs, Contemporary 'Sculpt' Hoop Earrings

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Ange B Designs, Minimal Bar Stud Earrings


Ange B Designs, Triangle Threader Earrings


Ange B Designs, Oval Threader Earrings