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Janet's List Limited 

Blooming Founders, Unit C

81 Curtain Road 



About Us

Our Company

Janet’s List is a UK based brand that connects consumers brands and physical art by black women and women of colour from the UK, in our physical pop up concept stores.

Janet’s List has had 7 concept stores to date in London, Amsterdam and in collaborations with institutions like Somerset House, Women of the World and Coco de Mer and Women Rise NFT project.

Fun fact: Samuel L Jackson visited our 2021 Christmas pop up concept store three times. He is as amazing and cool as you’d imagine him to be.

Janet’s List was selected by Women Rise to be one of five projects benefiting from a 1/1 auction on Rarible. Janet’s List has a track record of implementing successful projects to eliminate barriers for underrepresented groups. Thousands have engaged with our physical retail spaces for art and independent brands. We were the first retail shop in the world to have had .eth signage.

The majority of our customers had never been in a space where all the brands and art was by black women and women of colour and it’s been humbling and an education holding space for this.

Although we are based in London, our outlook is global and our aspiration is to support businesses in Europe, America and Africa.

Our Founder - a note

I am passionate about intelligent, collaborative and creative work, which transforms people’s lives.

I was a family law barrister for close to 7 years before a creative opportunity changed the course of my career. Janet’s List is at the intersection of all the things I love: empowering women, diversity, business and digital technology. 


My role in the NFT space includes using my knowledge, networks and experience to build diversity and inclusivity in web3 for brands, artists and builders.

As the founder of Janet’s List, I am involved in a subset of web3 communities that are designed to create safe spaces for underrepresented communities (both as a community member but also as a consultant working on named projects). This is a unique and cool place to be, but more importantly this enables me to spot, shape and/or create cool opportunities for collaboration, and by extension, inclusion.

I am working with a couple of incredible web3 brands on a consultancy basis: In addition to the work at Black@, I am on the Incubator Steering Committee for CPG/POP as well as producing POP’s expert ‘genius calls’ sharing web3 knowledge.

I will be the first to say that I am not a diversity and inclusion expert - I am a former barrister/litigation lawyer who got incredibly frustrated with the state of diversity in business and used my energy and resources to do something about it. My experience comes from years of working in the space - including thousands of conversations with customers coming through the doors at our Janet’s List pop up concept stores (some challenging ones too!).

You can find me on Twitter @janet_oganah