A Life More Inspired

Affirmations are powerful. You must have heard the saying "thoughts become things", right? These affirmation cards are a great way to weave positivity into everyday life. Included in the pack are three inspirational prints for your home or workspace which keep the positivity flowing. 

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Equi Botanics

This three-in-one leave in conditioner is made from an exquisite blend of oils including South African Marula oil, Moroccan Argan oil and Jojoba oil.

This product stimulates growth, repairs damaged follicles and fixes scalp issues. 

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Kuki's Naturals

Kuki's Naturals products are handmade with love using natural butters, oils and essential oils.

These products are carefully formulated using ingredients that are gentle on the skin, as a wonderful reminder to be gentle on yourself.

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Janet’s List connects consumers with businesses by women of colour

We want to help you discover and buy from independent, niche and new brands by by women of colour.

We believe that passion, profit and impact can come together to make our business landscape more diverse.

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