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Shoko Press

Shoko Press

Tapiwa Matsinde is a British-born author, content publisher, consultant and curator of Zimbabwean heritage. She started writing about Africa’s growing contemporary creative scene for her blog, Atelier Fifty-Five.  She is also the author of Contemporary Design Africa.
She says: "Whilst going through the experience of writing a book I saw the need to create more permanent records and lasting legacies of the abundance of creativity outpouring from Africa, so in response founded Shoko Press, an independent publisher of art books celebrating African creativity in 2016. The aim is to build a library of books to inspire those in the present and that future generations can look back on. ‘Shoko’ is a word from Zimbabwe’s Shona language, and means a ‘message’ or ‘comment’ and usually refers to messages or comments seen to be important or powerful.

Shoko Press, 'Fashion Illustration Africa: A New Generation'


Shoko Press, 'Beautiful: Portraits of Black Beauty'